2012 Uniface German User Group gets 1st presentation on Uniface 10

The German Uniface User Group UBG (www.c-b-g.org) had its yearly conference on September 13 and 14 2012 in Neu-Ulm.
The UBG yearly conference is always a very nice mix between of sharing Uniface user experiences, plans from the Uniface Team and cultural entertainment.
At the kick off presentation Mr. Arnd Ohlenbusch (AHP) announced that the official name of the user group was UBG again. After the kick off Deniz Yugnuk and myself explained the Uniface plans for the coming year. With Uniface 9.6 planned to be released in December 2012 the German audience was happy to see a large number of What’s New items in the Windows GUI region of Uniface. The Uniface Roadmap presentation showed what was planned last year for Uniface 9.6 and explained what users will actually get this year, which is a lot more! Daniel Iseli also gave a life demo of the new Uniface 9.6 Windows GUI capabilities which opens up an enormous amount of new types of GUI elements like Ribbon bars etc. Ewald Wichmann from AKDB and Peter Hufschmidt from CAL Consult showed frameworks and OCX Controls to build Uniface forms which satisfied the growing experience needs of their end users.
This year the UBG user meeting also had a special premiere of the first presentation of the Uniface 10 look and feel by Uniface 10 project manager Henk van der Veer.

The reactions from the audience to Henk’s presentation were very positive. One thing which is clear is that the new Uniface version will be made with Uniface technology again. This “eat your own dog food style” shows that Uniface remains an independent development system and if you can build a professional development system with the product, Uniface developers will surely be able to build any Enterprise Application with it.
Web Development with Uniface 9.6 was presented by Christian Weber and Claus Dörler, Haberkorn/Ulmer GmbH, Dörler GmbH spoke so enthusiastic about the e-shop implementation that presentation got the highest score of the event.
The event finished with a 9.6 workshop done by Uniface folks Michael, Daniel and Christian so every participant got a hands-on the new 9.6 functionality.
A 2012 UBG was a great event again, and I did not even mention the interesting evening program which ended in a small rehearsal for the German Octoberfest which starts end of September.
If you want to know more details about Uniface 9.6 and 10 plans please visit a Uniface User conference nearby or contact us directly for an appointment.

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