I would like to be able to audit the use of some ,000\\\'s of components by writing a record to the DB each time the component is initialised. The best way I can think of to do this is to manually create or modify an INIT operation in each component (after checking them out of source control and then putting them back again)

Use Case

INIT trigger fires when a component is activated Trigger has globally defined default behaviour (default being do nothing) Developer can modify this default to set what each component does on activation Must be able to apply this default retrospectively to all existing components


We\\\'d gain more control over massive applications that have evolved/accreted over time


Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



One thought on “A new trigger to fire like INIT operation”

  1. Status = Closed
    Everything you need is available in Uniface.

    When you define a operation called Init in the Operations trigger of your component it invoked when you do a newinstance of the component. Uniface can help you to engineer this into an existing application:

  2. 1. On template based components, you only need to change the template.
    2. With an #include for your operations trigger, you only need to make the change there.
    3. The Global Updates functionality in the UDE can replace the contents of the operations trigger in selected components.
    4. Uniface is repository based, and the Model for the dictionary is in your installation. It is easy to write a Uniface Form that adds an Init operation to the SFUNC field of the UFORM entity.

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