"It would be an advantage if ""the Lab"" up with a statement about the tool uniface (in a level used by SW-developers: requirements, commitments, visions, ... just as one will do if the start a project). Their view what the codewriter as well as the end-user of applications developed with uniface can expect from the product ""Uniface Tool""."

Use Case

"Allows to set up a proper base for further activities and obligations. Example: If is reads ""allows worldwide usage"", missing RTL support sparks a BUG, not a ""wish"": people working for the arabian market will sleep better this way."


"It's a matter of trust: Gives all parties concerend a base what can be expected from the tool. It would help ""the Lab"" as well to start an open discussion with ""the community"" about their product."



Operating System

Not Applicable



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