It would be great to be able to create multiple function definitions with additional parameter(s) so that when we need to enhance an existing routine in our own function library, this can be done without having to use a different function name or having to re-write all the existing calls.

Use Case

. Allow multiple functions (local proc entry) to be defined with the same name that do not create a compile error / warning as long as the number of parameters is different. . When a function is called match it to the relevant function by the name of the function as well as the number of parameters being passed. . Create compile warning if no definition found the function with the specified number of matching parameters.


This wish would make creating standard library functions much more flexible as new ehancements and features which require additional parameters could be added with ease. At present we have to implement these functions with in lists and out lists as the function parameters which does not make for quick and tidy library function calls.


Proc Code

Operating System




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