\\\"Currently, all include procs are validated and give a warning if the code is invalid. However, it would be nice to be able to switch this off in certain instances. e.g. You may wish to define a standard set of In parameters, so you would define an include proc string StdInParam : In Then, in your code, you would have params #include \\\"\\\"LIB:StdInParam\\\"\\\" string MyParam1 : In string MyParam2 : In endparams Currently, doing this warns you that your include proc is invalid. It still works, but it would be nice if it didn\\\'t give you warnings. Maybe include a checkbox to indicate that you wish the code to be validated or not.\\\"

Use Case

It would be useful to include this functionality to make development of \\\'standard\\\' code easier.


Will aid developers to write standard code, and reduce duplication of unnecessary code.


Uniface Development Environment

Operating System




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