Abillity to use .NET controls on forms in the same way OCX controls can be used.

Use Case

Communication with the .NET control should work the same way as for OCX controls. Access to methods and properties via a handle and events via extended triggers.


The imporatnce is high because technology has moved on and we have a map control that accesses GIS (mapping) technology. We want to redevelop this control to take advantage of the latest technology in .NET. Currently, to make it work as an OCX we have to put the .NET control in a VB6 (or similar technology) wrapper using Microsoft\'s COM Interop. This means that communication between the Uniface form and the .NET control has to be done through the wrapper which has the potential to slow things down. Also, we don\'t know how long we can rely on VB6 as a workaround especially when it is no longer supported.


Windows GUI

Operating System




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  1. We have developed a .Net dll that is com exposed so Uniface can access it.
    But I would like directly access a .Net dll without the COM exposing.

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