When the definition of a component operation is not found a $procerror -59 is generated. The requested component is never activated. Is could be useful if the component is activated anyway, but instead of the request operation the exec or even a special garbage operation is activated.

Use Case

"Activate ""component"".""nonexistingoperatoin""() The operation ""nonexistingoperation"" does not exist. Uniface tries to activate the default operation ""garbage"" (like ""init"" and ""cleanup""). If this operation exists it is activated. $procerror = -59 This developer can proc some error, count the number of simular errors, send a mail to the maintenance department and/or activates the default startup component. If the operation ""garbage"" does not exist: current behaviour. Another wish can be to implement this for every activate error on a operation level. Even a default garbage component could be useful. This component is activated if the request component is not available."


In a web environment users can modify the URL. If the operatoin is not found or another activation error occurs, but the request component is there, it might be very useful if this component can show a message or reroute the user to the correct component to start the webapplication. Now the user sees, in default, a yellow screen and the application is not aware this occurs.


Uniface Web (USP/DSP/Services)

Operating System

Not Applicable



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