Adding web functionality to client/server apps

Why should web developers have all the fun? I am looking at making functionality that is on the web available to Uniface applications. Without paying much attention to RIA, Web 2.0, Cloud etc. It is not about the concept, it is about the content!

In the time that remains between consultancy visits to customer, doing Uniface migrations and all my other regular work for Compuware I am trying to build a library of small samples that show you how you can use functionality that is available on the web in a “traditional” Uniface application.

You will be suprised to see just how easy it is to add a map to the address module of your Uniface application!

I am putting my samples into the Uniface Downloads section, under Uniface samples.

Please feel free to send me your ideas, better samples, improved versions etcetera!

These are ready now:

  1. A very, very simple demo for the use of Google Charts.
    This can be a nice alternative to using Excel or a very expensive data mining tool if you only want a few graphs in your Uniface application
    -> I’ve put a short video
     for this on YouTube as well:
  2. A simple demo for the use of Google Maps.
    Every Uniface system I know of stores addresses, and there is always a case to be made to produce a map of these addresses.
    But only when it is not to expensive. This one is FREE.
    Google Maps is very powerful so it might return in one of the next demo’s!
  3. As an example of the wide variety of services that are available: WebPurify
    This web service checks texts for the use of bad language (swearwords, obscenities)
  4. A simple demo for the use of currency exchange rate
    A quick and cheap solution to a traditionally complicated problem.
    Very useful if you are not a Bank, but just want to show your customers the approximate price of your products in their local currency etc, etc, etc
    Free of charge!

  5. Shopping on is a shopping web site like craigslist, ebay, marktplaats (NL), mobile (DE)
    It scans other websites and compiles the results.
    The nice thing is that it has an API. So I made a Classic Car Finder.
    It gets listings from Oodle, loads them in Uniface, shows them on Google Maps, converts the price to Euro’s also using Google.
    And you can click to see the car on the original web site where Oodle found it.

With kind regards,

Theo Neeskens

These samples are each made in just acouple of hours to show you what is possible.
It is your own responsability to use the ideas from these sample in a production application and to test it!

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