Enhancing the string procs would make many string actions pretty easy. At this point, it is impossible to get a char code from a string or turning it to hex. Further the concatenation methods are extreeeeem outdated and causes awfull workarounds in order to use it. Finally the (growing to) LONG STRING PROBLEM should become history as it forces to swap those to disk and load them afterwards

Use Case

\"new proc functions: string = $as_hex(numeric value), string = $as_bin(numeric value), number = $ascii_code(\"\"a\"\"), (should do with Unicode aswell) String = \"\"string1\"\" + \"\"string2\"\" + \"\"string3\"\" + ... Alternativly \"\"+\"\" could be changed to \"\".\"\" or something else fitting within Uniface. (no limit how many elements to concatenate, $concat is limited to 5 elements and %%field%%% is somewhat unhandy)\"


Those changes should be BASIC, so I would like to place them as Mandatory (... of course)



Operating System

Not Applicable



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