If you have numerous fields on a form, without writing specific code to control navigation, Uniface assumes a left to right navigation path through amendable fields. This may not suit many users who instead wish to control the field order in navigation. This then requires code to be added to a form, every next/prev trigger and coding to control if/when fields are/are not available. Add to this then the complexity of handling navigation through fields ($prompt) if some may conditionally be promptable or not. If instead, a weight/order value could simply be assigned to each field, and Uniface followed that order (skipping non-promptable fields), screen navigation could be controlled far more simply and reliably.

Use Case

\"- Against each field on a screen allow a field index value to be specified. - When moving to the next field, move to the next promptable field with the next highest \"\"field index\"\" value. - When moving the previous field, move to promptable field with the next lowest \"\"field index\"\" value. - Also allow this \"\"field index\"\" value to be specified in proc coding for runtime manipulation. - Current navigation behaviour would remain the same by default as all fields would have the same \"\"field index\"\" value of null.\"


This simple enhancement would mean dedicated coding would not need to be created on every form where Uniface does not navigate fields in the desired order. It also means, every field would not need its Prev/Next field triggers amended.


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