As a developer of applications, written in Uniface 9, that we sell to customers, the ability to run the debugger at the customer sites without having the expense of buying a development license for each customer. This would enable us to remote login to our customers and support them by running the debugger in their run-time promptly, and with their own data rather than a cut-down data set at our offices.

Use Case

The debugger should be able to be run from a system that is using a run-time license to enable the debug of Uniface applications deployed at customers who do not have a development license. 1, In a run-time application press the ctrl-F12 key to start the debugger even though a development license is not present in the DLM.


This is important to enable us, and I suspect others who develop Uniface Applications for sale, to be able to login to a customers server and activate the run-time application and debug through the application even though the customer only has a run-time license. Our application is very data heavy and as such many issues that occur can be data related, issues that we would not see running the same application in-house with our limited data. This ability is critical to our ability to support our customers promptly and efficiently



Operating System

Not Applicable



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