Provide a widget similar to NoEditBox which still responds to Valrep, and is capable of showing the glyph at the beginning.

Use Case

We have several fields represented by Valreps, and where they are modifiable we use drop down lists to display them. We have an entry in the ini file for NoEditRep which is basically a drop down list with 3d off and dynamic on, this provides a flat box which displays the Representation part of the widget. Unfortunately, this widget doesn\'t show the glyph when not in focus. We now have a business requirement to have the glyph displayed alongside the text for the field. Without this modification, this relies on a separately maintained field and as such will not repsond automatically to changes in the base data.


It makes the VALREP glyph functionality available in a display only environment.


Windows GUI

Operating System




2 thoughts on “Drop Down List: Show image when not in focus and Dynamic=T”

  1. “In Uniface 9 it is possible to include glyphs in valreps, allowing a listbox or dropdown to show its options together with the graphic. The glyph name is inserted after the value and before the representation, separated with !. For example $valrep(maillist)=””New=^mailnew•!New Mail•,Read =^mailopen… Limitation of the dynamic drop-down list. In case the drop-down list has not the focus then Uniface will actually (simply) overlay the drop-down with an edit box. And since the edit box does not support glyphs (yet) the dynamic drop-down list cannot display glyphs. it might be an option “to simulate” the glyph support by using $paintedfieldproperties and show a picture widget in the place where the drop-down list usually shows the glyph. This of course will only work in case no split bars are used on the form in question.”

  2. Status update
    Images in valreps are now officially supported.
    Changed the title from “Allow for a ‘display only’ valrep based widget” to “Drop Down List: Show image when not in focus and Dynamic=T”

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