Use Case

Our customers use $TIMEOUT to close idle sessions. One of them wants to extend the timeout to at least four hours.


We can\\\\\\\'t satisfy the customer\\\\\\\'s request without this enhancement.



Operating System

Not Applicable



2 thoughts on “Allow $TIMEOUT values greater than 60”

  1. Our solution to this problem is to set $TIMEOUT=1 and increment a counter every time the Async trigger is called. We also keep the date and time of the last call. If 2 minutes or more have elapsed since the last call, the counter is reset. The app is closed when the counter reaches a given value (240 in your case).

  2. Hey,We have the same problem, we need to get out our client’s when they have idle time´s .We don´t know how to use the $timeout variable, and in wich trigger can we set it up.If you can help us, please contact us. Thanks

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