ASN files can (many times) be like \'black magic\'. Redirects, includes, client asn\'s layered before server asn\'s - all fun and games - and sometimes NOT. I\'d love to have a switch / proc function that would give \'the world according to Uniface\' - something like : The current setting for each of the ASN sections - and which ASN file it came from....

Use Case

Shorten time to identify ASN issues - Ease problem-solving in deployed, multi-site installs Make deployment less \'expert\' orientated...





Operating System

Not Applicable



6 thoughts on “ASN summary”

  1. Hi Iain

    Thanking you – I do have something similar tucked away in a backup.

    As such, I’m thinking about the inherent, cascading features of

    the ASN – something that’s not easy for a novice/intermediate

    to ‘see’ when it comes to Uniface…..

    Maybe a function like $about??

  2. $assignments is cool, now, does anyone have a way I can find out the name/filepath of the assignment file used to start the app? (Short of including it as a logical in the assignment file, which would then be improved a LOT by the current wishlist for environment variables to be available in the ASN….)

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