"Like other languages it would be ""nice"" if in UnifAce you can define interface (not exactly the same then signatures). Each component can assigned to any number (0 to n) of interfaces. An interface defined a set of operation that the component must have. An interface can define for each operation a default behavior. A componet can override this default behavior and have to write one code,if there is not default behavior. To get information about a interface of the component, there is a need of more topics in $componentinfo like ""INTERFACES"" and ""OPERATIONS"""

Use Case

"First step: New category of components called ""interface""(like templates) Each operation in such a componet is part of the interface Second step: In DEFINE-Trigger one can define assigned interface #INTERFACE=interface_1 #INTERFACE=interface_2 Or new C* field in UFORM for a liste of interfaces. This could be better read/interpreted by tools Third step: In OPERATION-trigger on e have to (over-)write necessary operation by specialized code If a component not provide code for interface operation without default behavior, there should be a least a waring"


In big applications it's necessary to have a minimal standard interface i all components. To insure this, a INTERFACE-definition would be great


Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



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