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“Quicker access to “”Editors –> Library”” in IDE”

\”I would like to propose a quicker way of accessing items normally accessed via \”\”Editors –> Library –>…\”\” in the IDE. In particular, I find access to the Include Proc editor tedious when I am making changes to a component where the code is stored in an Include Proc. My proposal is a button/hyperlink/keyboard shortcut that would take me straight to an include proc (or global proc) as it appears in the code. An example of the current situation – to make a change to an include proc: A service contains the line \”\”#INCLUDE LIBRARY:IP_NAME\”\” 1 Go to Editors –> Library –> Include Procs 2 Select the Library 3 Search for Include Proc that you want 4 Click on Zoom button 5 Make changes 6 Save Changes 7 Compile component 8 Error found 9 Repeat above\”