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Stay on same trigger when changing fields in IDF

If you are modifying a detail trigger for a field in the IDF, and you switch to a field which does not have any code in any of the triggers, the IDF changes the focus to the first trigger in the list. If you have code in the detail trigger, it will remain focused on the same trigger, which is fantastic. However – if none of the triggers have code in them, it does not remember which trigger you are modifying. Whilst not a huge issue, it is a pain when copying code from one field trigger to a different field into the same trigger.


\\\”When using the CHARACTERS function to add text to the XML stream, it automatically replaces <, &, \\\"\\\" etc with the XML equivalent, <, &, \\\"\\\" etc. However, if you are using the CHARACTERS function to write CDATA tags into the XML, the text within the CDATA block should have the actual characters in, and not be modified.\\\"

Remove implicit creocc for entity/occurrence inout

When using entity or occurrence parameters, Uniface performs an implicit creocc prior to populating the record with the parameter data. In the case of In and Out parameter directions, this makes perfect sense. However, when using a parameter with a direction of InOut, it does not make sense to do an implicit creocc when returning from the operation. The fact that it is InOut implies that you are passing data into the operation. This operation changes the data and passes it back. Since Uniface currently performs this implicit creocc on returning, you end up with two occurrences in the entity when there should only really be one (ie the In data should get replaced with the Out data, not appended to).