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Ability to enable/disable certain compiler warnings

During compiling a form some extra warnings appear. Some of them are not really that important for developers. For example:

– 1074 ent missing
– 1076 no path
– 6921 used for ref. int.

When more warnings are generated it becomes more difficult to see the important ones instantly. Developers should have the possibility to enable/disable certain warnings in the Compiler Preferences.

Reset form layout state with 4GL function

At this moment the form layout geometry (or state) information (stored in the registry) can only deleted by either checking the Cleanup option (\”Delete current layout geometry from settings on app exit\”) in the Uniface Setup or deleting the corresponding registry key (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\\\Software\\\\Compuware\\\\Uniface\\\\USYS9\\\\state\\\\{STARTUP_SHELL}). It would be useful if the layout geometry of a form could be reset to its (design time) default values using a 4GL function (e.g. $windowproperties).