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Grid widget: Dynamically change the order of columns in Grid

Grid widget. The wish is to have a proc or function to define at run time, (before edit or display instruction), the column (field) to be displayed and the order that will appear on the grid. Example: List_of_fields = “” Putitem List_of_fields, 1, field1 Putitem List_of_fields, 2, field2 Putitem List_of_fields, 3, field3 $entityproperties(entity) = List_of_fields Where List_of_fields is an Indexed list containing the name of the field to be displayed on grid. Grid will show |field1|Field2|Field3| …. and so on The field must be previous painted on IDF. This is a very powerfull feature. With this the developer can create a grid and paint in all field available. End user at run time can chose which field display depending on their needs.