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convert profile to sql-statement

What about new UnifAce-functions like

string $occprofile2sql({}}) ; Convert the current profile to a SQL-where clause
string $ucondtion2sql(\”\”{,}) ; Convert a ucondition-string to a SQL-where clause
string $uwhere2sql(\”\”{,}) ; Convert a uwhere string to a SQL-where clause ( superfluous?)

This function should convert the input to the SQL-where-clause on the default database connector or the one give by the term


A new switch for lookup
This new \”lookup/exists\” should return
* 0 if there is no row matching the profile
* 1 if there is a least on row matching the profile
The access to the database should
* use (if possible) a \”EXISTS\” clause
* not use a cursor or any other kind of hitlist

Alternative menu item type names

When defining dynamic menus, ther are four diffent types of items.
The keyords for two are not very \”well\”. A blanc in a keyword is always bad.
So allow us to use alternative keywords with undeline

keyword alt. keyword
Separators \”separator\”
Options \”option\”
Cascaded \”cascaded menu\” \”cascaded_menu\”
included \”included menu\” \”included_menu\”