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New field type to handle email addresses

I propose the addition of a new field type specifically designed to handle email addresses. Automatic validation of the field would be done by Uniface (similar to validation of date fields, numeric fields, etc.) to ensure the format of the address matches acceptable email formats. In addition, validation should include the ability (either automatically, or as an option) to verify that the email address was an actual functioning address – not just one that qualifies syntactically.

Removal of strict hierarchy on presentation layer

Back in the early days of Uniface (v5, I believe), there was the concept of overlays. This allowed for sharing of space on the paint tableau by several fields or entities. What I\’m looking for is more flexibility in placing fields from various entities on the screen. It is often difficult to define screens in nice rectangular areas, with nested rectangles explicitly preventing fields from other entities appearing inside them. What I propose is a two-level presentation interface, where one level (a tree widget) defines the nesting relationship between entities on the form, and then another level, which lists the fields associated with each of the entities, and allows these fields to be dragged to ANYWHERE on the paint tableau. There would be some implied limitations about where fields could be placed (for example, if you wanted to display multiple occurrences of an entity, there would be restrictions about where and how the occurrences could be displayed), but in general, fields could be placed anywhere on the screen, and would not be limited to a predefined rectangular area.