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JSON Case Sensitive

JSON is case sensitive – and as it stands, there\’s no automatic way in Uniface (via standard proc commands –
up to and including 9.7.01) to define a mapping to/from JSON.
For example, receiving a JSON string where \”CustomerId\” contains the customer number,
there\’s no easy and straight forward was to transform to \”CUSTOMER_NUMBER.CUSTOMER\”.
Going the other way, there is no easy and straight forward way to transform

ASN summary

ASN files can (many times) be like \’black magic\’.
Redirects, includes, client asn\’s layered before server asn\’s – all fun and games – and sometimes NOT.

I\’d love to have a switch / proc function that would give \’the world according to Uniface\’ –
something like :

The current setting for each of the ASN sections – and which ASN file it came from….


Many moons ago there was a really nice (albeit undocumented) feature in Uniface…. A function called $snapshot.
In essence, it dumped virtually ALL internal Uniface functions reflecting the current runtime engine to the message frame. Things like;
$status, $result, $entname, $fieldname, $occmod, $applname, $formname etc etc.
Even today in 9.6 – the debugger doesn\’t throw a \’does not exist\’ – it simply crashes the application ;-)…….. so it\’s there…. but not working….

What would be huge would be to get $snapshot to return a value list of its content….