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\”a no-process precompiler command\” or a precompiler-safe version of angle brackets so XML and HTML tags can be put in a string via uniface code w/o conflicst with (global) constants

since we have the new HTML widget and for those writing XML files straight from uniface code, there is a natural conflict between the precompiler constants and the tags wjhich should end up in the string.

One option would be to disable constant replacements for a given area
…… your code here

another one would be a new character which will be replaced at the very end of the precompilin process. just like the \\\”french quotation\\\” marks or enhancements of the GOLD set

or do not convert precompiler constants in blockdata (where normal uniface processing like \\\”%%myfield%%%\\\” conversions are disabled

IDF operational completely via keyboard

For a lot of navigations in the IDF there is no keyboard alternative.

An an example take the proc code editors: I have not found a way to select a trigger without the mouse.

And because the code editor \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”eats\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” the TAB, there is no way to activate another widget by keyboard (just to select another item of the tree).

Perhaps a menu option (not pop-up) to select triggers (by name=triggerabbr, not by changing position) would be helpful.