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Context of right mouse click on grid column

There are ussually context menu on right mouse click.

But in grid widget , the context of column can be lost , especially if user right clicks on column headers.
The context menu is displayed, but another column or field can have focus.

So if you implement such functionality as hide column to cursor menu for entity with grid, another column can be hidden.

– allow block right mouse popup on grid column headers
or better
– create RightClick trigger for grid column headers similary as left mouse click trigger is implemented, with ColumnName as parameter.
(And optionally allow programmatically show cursor menu)

Respect character set of asn files on windows

The language specific characters are correctly interpreted only if asn file is created with Unicode character set.
Default character set for text files ( notepad.exe) may be other, ANSI in my case. Character set is than probably written in text file anyway .

Character set mishmash can be source of hidden errors, especially in path and entity assignments.

(win81, cze,Uniface 9.604)

In ASN file is defined
AppDescription=Střední odborné učiliště

In Uniface I get following value

$logical(\”AppDescription\”)=\”Støední odborné uèilištì\”

\”Init\” trigger or operations for entities

Create INIT triggers/operations for ENTITIES on conceptual and component level.
Call them while NEW instance of EntityCollection are created
…after component operation INIT succeeds.
…(+ ?? maybe,when outer occurrence will be created ??)
Status>=0 should be returned by trigger code if initialization is succesfull.

It should allow to programmer to define dynamic entity initialization in model
– setting valreps to entity columns
– grid column visibility, grid column width
and so on
Now , it can be done in init trigger of component, so there is no model inheritance

Optional prarmeters

example :
There procedure with well-known structure and functionality used in code

entry ExcelExport
string Entity:in
string ColumnList:in

As new customer demands appears, some extension are needed

entry ExcelExport
string Entity:in
string ColumnList:in
>>> optional string Condition=\\\\\\\”\\\\\\\”:in <<< endparams and some time later another param needed entry ExcelExport ;******************** params string Entity:in string ColumnList:in optional string Condition=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\":in >>> optional numeric FromInExcelRow=1:in <<<< endparams and so on