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Label: configure label defaults in ini-file

The Uniface reference for labels shows that you can configure labels with the parameters – UHALIGN (horizontal alignment) – UREPEAT (repetition) So it would be helpful to define the default for idf like .L=ulabel(transparency=off,labelfont=label,UREPEAT=C,UHALIGN=R) in ini file. Otherwise you have to change for every label in the layout editor the default.

create table utility with Sybase connector

The create table utility for Sybase can be enhanced in the following way: 1.) If you have a bit value, Sybase doesn\\\’t allow a null into this field. Therefore you should define a default of 0. 2.) It is good practise in SQL files to drop the table if it already exists. Therefore a command like if exists (select * from sysobjects where name = \\\’

\\\’ and type = \\\’U\\\’) begin drop table

end go will be helpful

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