In versions prior to Uniface 9 it was possible to break an output TRX file into segments by using the /cut sub-switch, which could be used with the /cpy and with the /exp command line switch. The /cut sub-switch is not supported for XML files and since TRX is not supported anymore in version 9 the product lost in this area some functionality. Additionally Uniface can only handle export files (TRX or XML) up to a size of 2GB. Since XML files are by design larger then TRX files the possibility of breaking an output file into segments is vital. And it should also be possible to use the /cut sub-switch for zip archives, so that these can also be broke up into segments.z

Use Case

For example: Syntax: /cpy /cut={ZIPSegmentFileSize:}XMLSegmentFileSize Source Target * ZIP-/XMLSegmentFileSize: + 100 = 100 bytes + 100M = 100 MB + 1G = 1GB 1. Breaking the XML output into segments of 10 MB : /cpy /cut=10M def:*.book xml: 2. Breaking a ZIP output into segments of 100 MB segments and do not segment XML output: /cpy /cut=100M:0 def:*.customer*.xml 3. Breaking a ZIP output into segments of 25 MB segments and XML output into 100MB segments: /cpy /cut=25M:100M def:*.**.xml


A lot of customers have data sets that easily can exceed the current file size limit of 2GB. At the moment the customers have to manually split up the exports using the /whr sub-switch (for specifying a select where clause), with which they can reduce the size of an export file to <= 2GB. The disadvantage of this approach is that the mentioned sub-switch is only available for the /cpy command line switch.



Operating System

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