Enable date, time and combined date/time syntax validation on browser side, with javascript), the same that exists for numeric data types. A correction of the entered value can be done, following the layout (DIS) defined in the field, when focus is lost. This's the behavior with Uniface client/server runtime, and could be applied to the web mode.

Use Case

* user enters the beginning of a date in a date field * user presses Tab to switch to the next field * without server access, the date is completed if the beggining is valid, and the layout is applied if applicable. Example, a field with Date data type, and DIS(dd/mm/yyyy) in layout : * user enters 15, then presses Tab * the field's content is changed to 15/02/2011 (current month and year) * user enters 32, then presses Tab * a validation error occurs, and focus is kept by the complaiging field


Date and time are precise entries, so validating them as soon as possible is essential. For now, to have a validation on the field, the onChange extended trigger must be coded (even to do nothing), to force a check by Uniface, which then apply the display layout. This's annoying for developers (things to code explicitly) and for users (action not fluid). Users can also be used to current client/server implementation, migrated to the web : the same behavior would be better for user exprerience.


Uniface Web (USP/DSP/Services)

Operating System

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  1. Here at AGFA Healthcare, we will investigate on our own implementation of such a functionnality, if our needs cannot be approved quickly (this wish is based on a support call). If we success is this task, we may then extend our knowledge to implement other missing widgets (accordion, tab, colorpicker, progressbar), which exist in Dojo.

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