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Uniface 10 IDE Under the Hood Online Seminar

Uniface 10 IDE Under the Hood Online Seminar – 26th June 2014

You might have seen a screenshot, or live demo of the new Uniface 10 IDE and you immediately wondered: How was it built, with what technology and what fancy new Uniface features were used? This is your chance to get a peek “under the hood” of the new Uniface 10 IDE.


  • Requirements – how did we get to the functional feature set
  • Design principles – what design principles were used
  • Technology – what technology is used for the implementation
  • Architecture – a new Uniface UI concept: view containment
  • Architecture – data views built with new HTML Forms
  • Architecture – a single reusable text entry mechanism

The presentation will be done by Gerton Leijdekker, Software Architect in the Uniface Lab in Amsterdam.

Register here for the 08:00 am session (Amsterdam time)
Register here for the 04:00 pm session (Amsterdam time)

Duration: 1 hour