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A new switch for lookup
This new \”lookup/exists\” should return
* 0 if there is no row matching the profile
* 1 if there is a least on row matching the profile
The access to the database should
* use (if possible) a \”EXISTS\” clause
* not use a cursor or any other kind of hitlist

convert profile to sql-statement

What about new UnifAce-functions like

string $occprofile2sql({}}) ; Convert the current profile to a SQL-where clause
string $ucondtion2sql(\”\”{,}) ; Convert a ucondition-string to a SQL-where clause
string $uwhere2sql(\”\”{,}) ; Convert a uwhere string to a SQL-where clause ( superfluous?)

This function should convert the input to the SQL-where-clause on the default database connector or the one give by the term

$dberror generalization

Doing database I/O when getting an error Uniface is providing $dberror to expose real database error captured from db connector, enabling to fine tune application error management.
There should be an equivalent function (or $dberror implementation should be generalized) exposing real error also for other connector types; as an example SOAP connector should expose HTTP transport error (See:
As of U9.7 this fine tuning can only be partially implemented analyzing strings given back from connector into $procerrorcontext; string analysis could be prone to errors because of software evolution or different languages or possible customizations, while an errorcode is a much more simpler and stable information.