Dynamically or static change in the color of each individual tab in a tab container.

Use Case

Example: tab1=blue, tab2=green, etc. Perhaps add another property to the available list TabColor.


If lots of tabs are available, association of a tab with a color is beneficial to many end-users perhaps to help define the tabs they use most.


Windows GUI

Operating System




2 thoughts on “TabEx widget: change color of tab individually on tab container”

  1. Uniface 9 introduces 2 new properties to widgets and components: FORECOLOR and BACKCOLOR. As might be guessed from the names, these can be used to set the foreground and background colours of widgets and components. These can be set in the property forms or, dynamically, in proc code. Change the color for the tab e.g : $windowsproperties(“instancename”,”backcolor”) = “backcolor=lightblue”. In the future uniface version there will also a colored label of the tabpage possible.

  2. Status = Closed
    $windowproperties can be used to set the foregound and background color of the tab page components.
    In Uniface 9.6 it has become possible to set the colors of the “tabs” of the new TabEx widget.

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