We are planning to bring our ERP in the cloud and offer it as a service to our customers. We wanted to avoid having to install and configure a separate license server for each customer license. It would be very useful to install a single license server and the application of each customer would communicate with its license with a different port number by the licenses of the other customers.

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  1. there are a few things we are working on in this area. But if you have cloud plans, can you please contact your account manager or distributor. We ‘d like to understand what you are planning and there could be solution we can some up with in the short term.

  2. There already exists the thing called licence pools, which would allow you to divvy out the licences on the server based on the ASN being run. So you have one licence manager on one port, but different allocations of licences per customer.
    To be fair, we’ve examined the concept with respect to something we want to do, but haven’t actually implemented it yet. It does sound like it does what you want however….

    1. Hi Iain,

      according to your suggestion I read the documentation about pools and I send you a list of configuration steps that I believe should be made:
      1. You need to move all license files in the same folder (for example: c: \ programs \ CommonFiles \ Uniface \ License)
      2. With the DLM of the license server I will see all of the features of all licenses (often the same features as, for example, UW32 will be repeated several times as it is present in several license files)
      3. With the DLM of the license server must be assigned a different pool identifier to the features / app license of each customer (the pool identifier must be the same for all of the customer features).
      4. In the DLM of each client in the Advanced Configuration tab you must enter the pool identifier that must reference each feature / app.
      5. In the file ASN of all the Client I will have the usual assignment:
      $ License_options = LM_LICENSE_FILE = 7188 @ dlmserver

      Awaiting your opinion for what I wrote.

      Many thanks

      1. We have, as I said, never actually implemented the licence pools. We were planning on using it to ‘reserve’ a licence on a customer site for our own use (i.e. buy one more than we ‘sold’ and keep it for administrative use).

        I am unsure whether it would work exactly as you’ve written it, or whether you’d have to talk to your Uniface rep about accumulating all the licences.

        I do vaguely recall that the ‘down’ side we encountered was the need to use the DLM on all clients (we normally just install the three necessary dlls in the common/bin folder and use the $licence_options.

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