Add code navigation and auto completion with hints about parameters or something other else that can help developers.

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  1. At the moment we have auto completion in the Uniface 9 IDF. Type part of a statement and press Tab. You can press Tab multiple times if more statements start with the letter(s) you already typed. (This has not been implemented in Uniface 10 IDE yet)

    In Uniface 10, when you type a function a tooltip appears to help you with the parameters of the function.

    In Uniface 10 code navigation has been improved:
    – In the Structure window of a component we have added a context menu showing you all ProcScript modules of the object. When you click one you, the Write Script editor will be positioned on it.
    – After compilation, the Modules window of the Write Script editor shows the ProcScript modules that have been compiled in. You can click there and the object the module comes from is opened, and the Write Script editor is positioned on it. When for example an entry comes from an modeled Entity, the Entity Editor for that entity is opened with the specific entry in view.


    Theo Neeskens

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