When we call an entry or an operation in a component, I would like a tooltip who explain each parameters of the operation or the entry. Like VB Also, whan I want an operation of the component, a list of all operation is display.

Use Case

\"activate \"\"component\"\". Here, after the point, Uniface display all operation available of the component but I can also write a new operation. activate \"\"component\"\".\"\"myoper\"\"( Here, I see all parameters of this operation. Also, the call could be activate \"\"component\"\".\"\"myoper\"\"(paramA = valueA, paramN =valueN) where paramA is the name of a parameter on the operation Auto-completion can be also completed component, operation, parameter.\"


With that, it\'s not necessary to open 2 sessions of UDE and we are sure it\'s the true operation and we known directly all parameters. It\'s improve the code.


Uniface Development Environment

Operating System




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