The statements/asn-File Settings for curocc video and active_field are only working with the uniface-color-Index. They do not work with the windows color index.

Use Case

Our End-User can choose their own application colors for best fit. We are offering a wide area of choosing e.g. colors for warning, mandatory fields etc. Since we are using the active_field and curocc_video in our application, the user has only 8 (mostly ugly) colors to choose from. Even our end users may ask \"why is it not possible?\" curocc_video and active_field needs to work with the full color map of windows.


As long as active_field and curocc_video are used, and can only work with the uniface-color-scheme, also the guide warns us in using both schemes together. Bringing all functionality to the windows-color-scheme, you can turn off the uniface-color-scheme.


Windows GUI

Operating System




2 thoughts on “Active field color using new color scheme”

  1. You can use $CUROCC_VIDEO_HLT to highlight the active occurrence to any color you want.
    Specifies the combination of colors to use when $curoccvideo or curoccvideo is set to HLT in Proc.
    $CUROCC_VIDEO_HLT { = } backcolor=ColorDefinition forecolor=ColorDefinition

    So this wish is for something similar for the active field.

  2. Status update
    As this already has been implemented for the active occurrence I have changed the title from “Color Management in uniface 9.x” to “Active field color using new color scheme”

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