Identifies source of compiled code Values for Entity collection and occurence operations : <$CompileLevel>=SUPERTYPE|SUBTYPE|ComponentEntityTrigger

Use Case

\\\\\\\",#Includes common entity occ/coll operations - safe variant --Model--------- #include .. contains default versions of operations A,B,.. common for many entities Operation A ,.....code overrides default version of operation A is with supertype/subtype specific code end --Component entity operations trigger--- #include .. contains default version operation A ,, this is developer error , but it can be easily accidentaly created by older classic triggers code uniface inheritance. Inheritance is broken. !!! It returns version of operation to its default version !!! So safe include implementation must look like ,system_library:OperationsOccDef ,********************* #If CompileLevel=\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\"SUPERTYPE\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\" operation A operation B #endif\\\\\\\"


Secure using Include procs for operations in conceptual entity operations There is risk with include procs, that default operation overlay back in case of developer error



Operating System

Not Applicable



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