When you program this line: putitem/id \"ID\", \"VALUE\" so you forgot the list, the compiler doesn\'t give any warning / error. It should give an error. When you run a program with this code, (and we had it) the call after this line is apexit.

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5 thoughts on “Compiler – error”

  1. We have recently become aware of this problem.
    Since Uniface 9.5 the compiler does not flag all situations were an argument is missing on a statement.
    In the coming patch we have solved one category of these situations (statement ends with an operator that is not followed by an operand). This has been done in bug 30834.
    The problem described above is one of the remaining issues.

    For the time being, please pay attention to the following:
    – When migrating from an older Uniface version, some things that gave compiler errors (no runtime object was created) will now compile. In extremely rare cases that may cause a problem.
    – When you make a new programming mistake that is now not reported as an error by the compiler you will normally discover this when you are testing your software change.

  2. The problem described is a generic one; another example is:
    read order by variableName
    when variableName is not defined at runtime Uniface is exiting/crashing without giving any info/help to developer.

    It would be nice to know if the “future compiler” mentioned will be the one included in U10.

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