The Uniface compiler should provide detailed information about the relationships (actually) used in a component. For example: info: 1234 - Relationship: ONE: ENT1 (PK: PK_FLD) -> MANY: ENT2 (FK: FK_FLD) info: 1234 - Relationship: ONE: ENT2 (PK: PK_FLD1, PK_FLD2) -> MANY: ENT3 (FK: FK_FLD1, FK_FLD2)

Use Case

In specific circumstances unrelated super- and/or sub-types can act like being related. This behaviour is in the product since (at least) version 6 and changing this would most likely cause a lot of compatibility problems. For example: 1. The model MOD1 has two entities defined: ENT1 and ENT2 1.a. The entity ENT1 has one functional sub-type called ENT1S1 1.b. The entity ENT2 has one functional sub-type called ENT2S1 1.c. There is one relationship defined between ENT1S1 and ENT2S1; for the super-types no relationship is defined 2. The component FRM1 has two entities painted (frame-in-frame): The super-type ENT1 (as outer) and the sub-type ENT2S1 (as inner) => ENT1 and ENT2S1 are unrelated, but when the component FRM1 is executed then the relationship between ENT1S1 and ENT2S1 is used. => When ENT1S1 is painted as outer and ENT2 as inner then the relationship between ENT1S1 and ENT2S1 is used as well. => When only the super-types (ENT1 and ENTT2) are used then just an add-hoc relationship is created between the two




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