The ability to return a list of all the entities painted on a component (database and non-database). Much like the 3gl function uglabdbm, but this only works for database ents.

Use Case

. Add new proc function $componententities . Return all database and non-database entities painted on the component in a Uniface list


Sometimes it is required to loop through all the entities painted on a component and call a specific Collection Operation defined within each entity. We currently wish to do this to obtain the source control version information.



Operating System

Not Applicable



One thought on “$componententities”

  1. Status = Closed
    Use $componentinfo($instancename,”OUTERENTITIES”) to get the outer entites. This has been added in Uniface 9.4.
    In a loop call a recursive entry to find all inners using $entinfo(entity,”INNER”.

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