Need a way to cause a web application server to exit cleanly after it has finished processing the current request.

Use Case

Currently the only way to terminate the current Uniface process from within proc code is by apexit. Within a web environment this causes the process to stop immediately and before any response is sent back to the browser. I have instances where I\'ve programmatically determined that this process should exit, but only after the request has been completed. A web application server only processes code in response to requests and so generic processing can only be done at the start or end of the request (ie. it doesn\'t response to async interrupts). Actually as I write this, it occurs to me that it would also be nice to signal in the pre-request trigger to stop handling the request in this process and to reinitiate it in another process. ie. tell the URouter that I\'m no longer available and to try again. This could be used to force updates into a system without having to explicit recycle the URouter service or use the URouter Monitor to stop servers.


Currently only the URouter controls when a web application server is stopped. It would be very convenient to have that control in Proc code, but to be able to stop the process without compromising the current transaction.


Uniface Web (USP/DSP/Services)

Operating System

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