What about new UnifAce-functions like string $occprofile2sql({}}) ; Convert the current profile to a SQL-where clause string $ucondtion2sql(\"\"{,}) ; Convert a ucondition-string to a SQL-where clause string $uwhere2sql(\"\"{,}) ; Convert a uwhere string to a SQL-where clause ( superfluous?) This function should convert the input to the SQL-where-clause on the default database connector or the one give by the term

Use Case

There are so many cases, where a direct SQL is much faster then a UnifAce-RETRIEVE But to be DBMS independent, you have to build up the necassary SQL with a lot of CASE-statements and proper formating (esp. timestamps) A function, using the internal proccode of UnifAce will help us to do this job


Performance is always important


Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



2 thoughts on “convert profile to sql-statement”

  1. I was discussing exactly this with a customer last monday!
    $occprofile2ucondition should be last piece of this puzzle.

  2. looks like this may need an extension to the “database driver” API which does database specific things like wildcards.

    But this will give the chance to provide a couple of switches like:
    select-list (inludes painted fields plus PK as comma separated string)
    where-clause-only (with all the complicated wildcards and logical operators)

    As Ingo mentioned: sometimes a SQL call is much faster than doing it the uniface way.
    Especially when you can make use of all kind of subselects, this addition will be a real booster.


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