Creating multiple database in SOLID for Uniface

I have installed SOLID in windows server and have created a database  which is GUI environment , Now I want to create one more environment for CHUI environment on the same server.

Is it possible to do ? because when I try to create another account the solid opens with the existing database that was created instead of asking for creating another database

Please help with this ?

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  1. lalit: just open a brand new directory for your solid. copy your existing solid.ini to it. Modify the connection information (port, name of pipe). Start the solid.exe in this directory and you will be asked for a new database. SUccess, Uli

  2. so does it mean that we cant create by bin\solid -c eval_kit\standalone commnad another database

    Only way we can do is by below method
    C:\Program Files\Solid\DatabaseEngine4.5\
    C:\Program Files\SolidCHUI\DatabaseEngine4.5\
    Is this correct .
    if yes then I have to start both the engine separately

  3. Everybody does it the way Ulrich says. Didn’t know there was another way. And yes you have to have two services for two databases.
    There is an alternative, you can create two schema’s in one database.

  4. Hi laiti, YES, you need another solid.ini file (and I have not found a way to specify this on a solid comandline). But to run the database, it is not necessary to have a service, you can just start the solid.exe from your desktop w/o the burden of services. SUccess, Uli

  5. no problem,
    listen on tcpport 1312,1313,1314 and so on (example solid.ini below)
    listen=tcpip 1314

    FileSpec_1=DATA.DB 2147483647
    Blocksize= 32768

    part uniface asn
    $META SOL:tcpip 1312:|DBA|DBA
    $DATA SOL:tcpip 1313:|DBA|DBA
    $DATAS SOL:tcpip 1314:|DBA|DBA

  6. Thanks everyone , I have created two solids by creating two folders and can start them parallal however now the problem seems to be with uniface 9.4 as it connects to only one database and not to the other .. what are the changes that we can do on uniface asn file so that I can acess both of them parallelly

  7. I think the missing bit you need is in your dbms.asn file.

    Here are 2 solids.. the idf and the data database…

    $DBMS_SYS SOL:nmpipe Uniface_94_Development_Solid_Database:|uniface|nine

    *.BOOK $DATA:*.*

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