\"Currently, in Uniface the key combination \"\"Ctrl-Z\"\" is a shortcut to zoom in on a selected field, while every other application ever developed (or so it seems) uses the same key combination for the Undo command. This should be changed to be consistant with the generaly accepted standard. And please fix the undo functionality, as well. (Usually, undo does nothing.)\"

Use Case

Standard keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-C = Copy Ctrl-V = Paste Ctrl-X = Cut Ctrl-Z = Undo Ctrl-Y = Redo When a user uses any of the above key combinations they naturaly expect the associated action to be preformed.


This is important for usability. Most new Uniface developers will, for quite a while, be pressing Ctrl-Z and getting very, very, very frustrated with the UDE for not doing what they would expect it to do. If you want to attract new users, *and* have those users talk positively about Uniface to others, you should keep to certain standard conventions. Also, if a user types a long string of commands (as an example) in the code and then wants to undo some of it, selecting Undo from the menu only undoes a single character. The user must reselect it from the menu again, and again, and again. This wouldn\'t be as much of a pain in the gluteous maximums if there was a keyboard shortcut.


Uniface Development Environment

Operating System




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  1. This request should probably only be addressed after taking a look at the Undo functionality and correctiong its behaviour. 9 times out of 10 when I attempt to undo something either nothing happens or the option is grey’d out in the menu.

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