CU2008 Uniface Web Masterclass

In December 2008 the next global Uniface user event will take place. The hands-on third day workshop will give participants the practical experience to build Rich Internet Applications with Uniface.

The Uniface Web Masterclass workshop will explore how to use Uniface to build the web applications of the future. It will cover areas to consider when developing a modern web application. It will include the building of working examples to explore the possibilities of Uniface. 

Members of the Uniface APS development and SME teams will be on hand throughout the session to share knowledge and answer questions. This provides candidates with a unique opportunity to interact with the core team, gain insider knowledge and feedback working experiences.


 The experts on hand will cover many of aspects of Uniface and application development including:




  • Uniface 4GL
  • Uniface Web & Rich Internet Applications
  • Uniface Flow
  • Uniface View
  • Uniface Mobile
  • Application Modernisation
  • Easy Deployment
  • Cross Reference
  • Unicode
  • GUI Enhancement
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
    and more?)


The session will start with a quick presentation outlining the workshop and recap what?s new in Uniface 9.3. The candidates will then experiment with the workshop samples to explore the new functionality.


The second phase will introduce what?s new in the Uniface 9.4 RIA Beta version. Candidates will then pick their topics of interest and explore the new functionality. This hands-on workshop will include on-demand breakout sessions. One such session will be ?An Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets?.


To maximise the knowledge transfer, participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and install the takeaway CDs, which will include Uniface APS 9.3 GA, Uniface 9.4 RIA Beta and the workshop material.


The Uniface Web Masterclass will be free of charge for every Uniface developer attending CU2008 on December 1st and 2nd in Amsterdam.

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