current wishlist statistics (100113)

Statistics about the current wish situation (100113)

it took me some 100  mins to extract the rating and no-of-voters from all the detail screens
(others have the ability to export wish-data into an excel format)

But here is a first little statistic:

Statistics: Average 6,9 7,1 48,2
Statistics: StdDev 1,9 3,0 27,0
Statistics: Minimum 2,2 1 5
Statistics: Maximum 10 18 142,2
rating 100113 voters 100113 rate*voters

As we see, only some 7 out of 950 members vote this makes less than 1% !!!

Should we really base our selection to such a micro-minority of the registered members
which wishes makes it to the Top10 and get viewed/fulfilled, ..
Assume there are 10 registered employees of a softwarehouse
rating all “their” wishes to “10”
and all “foreign” wishes to “1”

what about minorities or softwarehouses with only 5 registered emplyees?

Would it not be better that CPWR takes on responsibility and:

– publish a manifest what uniface should be. Like:
– – a first-class editor with a larger context (not on a single database field, but the whole sourcecode of a component)
– – a creator of worldwide usable applications (so complete RTL support is mandatory, not a wish)
– – a tool which is expandable to the code-writers needs, including self-defined auto-completes or help-informations
– – a “message driven” development platform wher code-writers can activate:
– – – compile of DTDs
– – – open editor for object x.y.z
– – – option to return the sourcecode of an object (component) AFTER precompiler has done its work.

– provides a clear, transparent description of a process how CPWR rates these wishes

– have an open dialog with the users/members about these topics:
– – may be on the forum, may be by phone


More to come,

success, Uli



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