For DSP a DatePicker widget exists for entering a date. This would also be desirable for client/server environment. A combobox for entering a data manually and when the user opens the dropdown list a month calender opens for selecting a date with the mouse. This new widget should also be usable in the entitygrid widget

Use Case

The datePicker widget for client/server application is a combination of the combobox widget and the monthcalendar widget. In normal state the widget looks like a combobox where the user can enter a (valid) date using the keyboard. When the user clicks on the button on the right side of the widget the monthCalender widget appears from which the user can select a date.


In our applicatie each date field is accompanied with a button to open a popup form on which the user can select a date. On the entitygrid the user is able to resize this button as it is a normal column and not part of the date field.


Windows GUI

Operating System




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