Uniface debugger should be enabled to halt automatically on value changed of a specific object like: – global variable (library.$$name) – component variable (component.$name$) – module variable (name) – model (modelname) – entity (modelname.entityname) – field (modelname.entityname.fieldname)

Use Case

Support persons for large application not always know deeply the application structure to be able to reduce the context of an issue to few components going to analyze them interactively with current Uniface debugger. What they know is the application object culprit managed by a serie of application functions, sometimes the whole large application. Being able to tell debugger: please stop when the field \"MODEL.ENTITY.FIELD is equal 3\" could save a lot of man time in the support group. It would be nice if this functionality can be enable also at deployment time (with some setting in the assignment) accepting a slowing down of the application response time to enable bug hunting.





Operating System

Not Applicable



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  1. Despite this issue being declared as [Solved] I would like to point the attention on the fact the CONDITION field in form dedicated to edit breakpoints is TOO SMALL to contain the example reported from “gypsilon” user.
    Maximum content seems to be 75 chars long, like:
    This reply to request to extend it to 128 chars.

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