To ensure that the TabEx widget can be used instead of the Tab widget, fully implement the trigger (including double click) in the TabEx widget.

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  1. onTabButton

    The onTabButton extended trigger is used to implement the processing that should occur when a user clicks the tab button, if present, in the active tab of the TabEx widget.

    trigger onTabButton
    ; enter your code here
    end ; trigger onTabButton"


    The onTabButton trigger is typically used to close a tab when the user clicks on the tab button. This button is located on each tab only if theTabButton property of the TabEx widget is True.

    Trigger Activation

    The onTabButton trigger is activated when the user clicks the tab button on a tab.


    This was implemented in 9.6.03, doesn’t this achieve what you are looking for? 

    1. It’s not a matter of the tabex button, but the fact that the tabex widget does not provide all the triggers of the older tab widget. Therefore, one can not use the tabex instead of the tab without changing the behaviour of the uniface application.I agree with paul that an enhanced widget should provide ALL features of the underlying one.

      1. … this is mandatory to be able to change from tab to tabex with just a change in the ASN file. But if the tabex does not activate the DTLF trigger, this can not be done. So one has to take away functionality the customers were used to to give them some perhaps new options. This should not occur in a professional application.

  2. ALL documented features I would agree with. 

    DETAIL was not documented, this is why is was not included in the extended tab project. 

    Adding it is work that is currently not in our plans.  

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