Allow paging between multi page tiff files in the Picture Widget.

Use Case

As per current single page tiff display, but with next/previous page icons. I think printing would probably be restricted to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'first page\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' display.


Scanned documents and faxes received by msfax or similar are frequently packaged as multi page tiffs, handling these within the uniface enviroment is impossible.


Windows GUI

Operating System




One thought on “Display support for multi page tiff files”

  1. Status = Closed
    After careful consideration this wish has been rejected. Implementation in the Picture widget is not possible and we think there are not enough customers with this requirement to justify the investment needed for a new TIFF widget. We advise you to buy or build an OCX with these capability and use that in an OCX Container on your Uniface Form. Alternatively you could embed a web based solution in the HTML Widget on your Uniface Form.

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