dITo C4C: prototyping a “onProcError”

There is some need for a general “onProcError” trigger, as shown in the forum. This article is a starter for prototyping this functionality in current uniface versions. SUccess, Uli

Perhaps we can use some precompile instructions (or so)
to define under which conditions this trigger should fire.
This will not slow down processing too much.

I think about a routine like <SMOD> where $char gives additional information.

So we need the following information:

The event ($procerror, $procerrorcontext,Trigger)
The field, entity, component
The active path (occurences)

Nice thing: we can install some kind of this (for prototype purposes)
using precompiler directives in current uniface versions (it is test only).

If we found some proper way to handle the situation,
we may persuade “the Lab” to provide¬†implicit invocation of this trigger.

Success, Uli


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