dITo C4C: step-by-step instructions

looks like there is a (newbies, university students) need for step-by-step instructions, as Wolfgang stated. How would YOU like this help-information to look like? Uli

As Wolfgang stated:

I am thinking of an interesting marketing challenge for uniface:

If one day uniface offers his product to universities (or to any other) for free, they need at least a guide:

“How to develop an application within less than eight hours” (or six hours, or four hours   and zero knowledge in uniface).

A step by step description with necessary background-info beginning from the installation to a running micky-mouse-application, including asn-Files, templates, models, relationships, etc. If this guide exist and you can produce something within less a day of work, and without importing something pre-written, uniface has at least a good proof for “Rapid application building”.

There are of course hundred ways of solving problems, and the guide can describe the 99 other ways as background-information …

I guess, some projects did suffer on this missing guide.

So how do YOU think a step-by-step instruction should look like?

positive feedback and creative ideas always welcome, Uli

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